Kyriakos Karkalis 

 Vice President, 

Chairperson Socio-Cultural Commission Greece

International Executive Board (IEB)

    Kyriakos comes from Greece and lives in Athens. He joined the Police in 1990 and has been an IPA member from almost the beginning of his career. Kyriakos is in active service, currently with the rank of 1st Lieutenant. He considers himself lucky to have met great IPA people, who inspired him with the principles and values of this great Association.

    He is a founder and honorary President of IPA Region Piraeus and Island. In addition, he has been the Head of International Relations of IPA Greece since 2008, as well as Head of Administration since 2002. He has also been managing the IPA House in Athens continuously since 2002. By special order of the chief of the Hellenic Police, Kyriakos works exclusively for the IPA.

   On an international level, he has organised meetings and conferences and has participated in dozens of meetings and conferences all over the world, representing IPA Greece. Furthermore, he was also a member of the ISC and SCC from 2012 - 2019 and was honoured with the bronze and silver medal of the IPA. In addition to this, he received a silver medal from the Red Cross, and an honorary plaudit from UNESCO.

   Outside of his police and IPA commitment, Kyriakos has studied drama in the Upper Drama School of Piraeus and is acting on a professional level in ancient Greek tragedy, comedy and international modern theatre.

  Kyriakos is happily married to Chrysoula Marinaki, who works as a lawyer in Athens, and together they have a wonderful 9-year old son.  .